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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges? (Message 1877)
Posted 18 Mar 2024 by Dirk Broer
Next badge: 1 million credits, just 289,099 more to go
2) Message boards : News : Будущее проекта RakeSearch (Ru) (Message 1595)
Posted 17 Mar 2022 by Dirk Broer
Допустим у вас была бы вычислительная мощность как у проекта Folding@home сколько бы потребовалось тогда времени на завершение поиска R10?

Большая часть мощности Folding@Home - это GPU, поэтому сравнить сложно. Но в любом случае - это где-то между "сотнями" и"тысячами", может быть - "десятками тысяч" лет при фиксированной производительности.

Suppose you had the processing power of the Folding@home project, how long would it take then to complete the search for R10?

Most of the power of Folding@Home is GPU, so it's hard to compare. But in any case, it is somewhere between "hundreds" and "thousands", maybe - "tens of thousands" of years at a fixed performance
3) Message boards : News : Будущее проекта RakeSearch (Ru) (Message 1591)
Posted 13 Mar 2022 by Dirk Broer
Sorry for inexpected Russian text ;) but I had to duplicate the project status news in Russian, because many people do not speak English. At this moment it is important that everyone understands the status.

I am using Google and it is not offering to translate into English, do you know where to do that? I am at the latest version.
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