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Posted 30 Aug 2020 by xii5ku
(off-topic talk, completely unrelated to RakeSearch, about nefarious schemes which TeAm AnandTech allegedly practice)

Aurum wrote:
I have no idea what Team AnandTech (TA) is doing now but I can recall an incident last year that lends credence to your theory. I was searching for help with some configuration and found useful info in the AnandTech forum. I recognized someone I'd talked with in other forums and was invited to join TA for some race event due to start in a few days. I'd never heard of "bunkering" but was taught how they do it. I assumed they wanted to win this race and I thought they helped me with my technical issue so I'll help them win this race. After it started it was clear that most of the work reported was mine. The others had switched to a different team.
Since FB started the sprints in 2017, I remember only one sprint in which several of us (probably most of those among us who are active in FB sprints) joined another team for the contest; it was the Amicable sprint of May 2019. Outside of FB, some of us ran in the Einstein@home discipline of Pentathlon 2019 for a another team. Do you refer to one of these, or a different one?

My individual TeAm mates have different views towards team affiliation. Some are occasionally going over to another team which they are friends with, others are never doing this and always stay with the TeAm. (The individuals in the team also have widely different opinions about whether or not to participate in contests at all, or in what types of projects, or whether to prioritize one or another contest when they overlap in time... Same like individuals in pretty much all teams put different weight towards personal goals and team goals.)

As for myself, I have been with TeAm AnandTech ever since I started with Distributed Computing less than 4 years ago, but I ran for other teams two times: in the above mentioned two contests.

Aurum wrote:
Their reasoning was that they didn't think they could win but they'd be damned if another Team X was going to win, i.e. TA + TZ > TX while TX > TA.
Is this your interpretation, or are you quoting a TeAm member?

My own motivations were these:
I joined [H]ard|OCP for Einstein at Pentathlon in order to help them get a medal (i.e. rank in the top three in this one out of five disciplines of Pentathlon), and I did so because some [H]ard|OCP members helped us several times before, including in the other four disciplines of the same Pentathlon; and virtually the entire [H]ard|OCP team helped us earlier in a PrimeGrid challenge as a one-off fun event.
Further, I joined OcUK - Overclockers UK during the Amicable sprint at FB right after this Pentathlon because two members of OcUK helped us in that Pentathlon too, and because I had fond memories of our earlier Formula BOINC battles against OcUK.

Now, check the scores of TeAm AnandTech vs. [H]ard|OCP in the overall ranking of Pentathlon 2019 (331 : 333 points for 5th : 4th rank), or of TeAm AnandTech vs. OcUK in the Amicable FB sprint (5th : 4th rank). If there was anybody in the team switching not out of friendship but in order to get a tactical advantage for the TeAm against a "team x" (which one?), then these tactics were not overly successful as far as I can see. ;-)

Aurum wrote:
I was used by TA and I resent it and will never associate with them again.
I am shocked and sorry that the event turned out this way for you. (Was it one of the two above?)

Aurum wrote:
They even had a by-invitation-only inner sanctum sanctorum forum where they did their scheming. I was not invited into the inner circle because they had to test my mettle first. I failed and never got an invite (that I would've rejected having learned their true colors).
Some teams have only an open forum, others only a closed forum, and again others have both. TeAm AnandTech has both. At the time of your bad experience, our closed forum section was most likely consisting of one long thread using a "conversation" feature of the forum software (i.e., PM in which more than two users communicate), in which it was possible for moderators to add users but AFAIR impossible to remove users. The moderators added users there who were with the TeAm already for some longer time and were occasionally or regularly taking part in team contests.

Now, having an open and a closed forum section covering the same topics, it is obviously always a somewhat arbitrary and somewhat ad-hoc decision in which section to post something. I don't recall whether or not our supporting of [H] and OcUK in those two contests was discussed in the open forum, and if yes, how timely. Also, if anybody of those who switched was in PM contact with you at that time, could have thought of informing you, but perhaps did not.

Aurum wrote:
Next year Team RDFRS will be in Formula BOINC League One and we will crush Team AnandTech like a bug.
Whatever the circumstances were which left you with this bad experience with TeAm AnandTech, it sounds as if there is little that can be done to correct this impression which we made (involuntarily, as far as I can tell). I am not a team-switcher, but if you would like my support for RDFRS in an upcoming contest this year or next year, give me notice. My user name in the forum is StefanR5R. I will run for TeAm AnandTech in the WCG Birthday Challenge of 11/2020 though, and in TeAm AnandTech's next internal annual Folding@home race which will probably happen during the entire month of 01/2021.


Sorry to everybody else here for my long off-topic post.
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Posted 29 Aug 2020 by xii5ku
@Dark Angel, speaking for myself: When I load tasks from a project which uses a quorum of 2, I am *very* careful to determine how many tasks my computers are able to complete before the finish. I am monitoring the computers continuously, and am readjusting my workqueues as soon as possible when my performance estimation was below or above actual performance.

As for your hypotheses what sort of tactics TeAm AnandTech members apply, you seem to be quite sure of yourself. My response to this is that your post perhaps tells us something about your mindset, but definitely very little about TeAm AnandTech. Some of us, including myself, do have high core count machines. It also can happen that boinc client instances are registered newly to a project at the contest. But the rest of your post is just not true from all what I know.
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Posted 14 Apr 2019 by xii5ku
At the start of the sprint, completion was at 75.6 %.
This works out to 0.6 % per day during April so far (I suppose this is quite a bit higher than in March), and >1 % per day during the sprint.
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Posted 14 Apr 2019 by xii5ku
Kiska's site is showing periods with good contact to server status each night between about 01:00 UTC and 07:00 UTC.
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Posted 28 Sep 2018 by xii5ku
hoarfrost wrote:
xii5ku, can we use your diagrams for information about our projects and distributed computing?

Sorry for responding late. Yes, you may use these as you like.

Thanks once more for paying a lot of attention to the server during the sprint, and thanks for your own interesting reports.
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Posted 29 Jul 2018 by xii5ku
The final results are up at

Edit: I missed another stats update at the Formula BOINC site when I fetched the data for the following numbers and graphs. For instance, Crunching@EVGA scored a little bit higher than Czech National Team, contrary to the order in my graphs.

All teams together received 62,504,618 credits (+29,819,660 during the last 24 hours).

League 1: 33,369,253 credits total (+15,204,653 in the last 24 hours)
League 2: 28,090,630 credits total (+14,033,559 in the last 24 hours)
League 3: 1,044,735 credits total (+581,448 in the last 24 hours)

Top 30:

Top 30, zoomed in into < 2.5 M points:

League 1 teams: continuous lines
League 2 teams: dotted lines
League 3 teams: dashed lines
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Sprint on project RakeSearch from 07/26/2018 22:00 (UTC) to 07/29/2018 21:59 (UTC) (Message 509)
Posted 28 Jul 2018 by xii5ku
Second day standings:

32,684,958 credits total for all teams tracked by the Formula BOINC site (+16,451,883 from yesterday)

18,164,600 total in league 1 (+9,172,319 from yesterday)
14,057,071 total in league 2 (+6,958,617 from yesterday
463,287 total in league 3 (+320,947 from yesterday)

In league 1, TeAm AnandTech and SETI.USA are about tied now for first, while, Russia Team, and Czech National Team are battling it out for third.

Current top 3 in league 2: XtremeSystems, [H]ard|OCP (both with more points each than the top teams of league 1), and Crunching@EVGA (with more points than the third teams of league 1)!

Current top 3 in league 3: Anguillan Pirates, LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic, BOINC.BE.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Sprint on project RakeSearch from 07/26/2018 22:00 (UTC) to 07/29/2018 21:59 (UTC) (Message 501)
Posted 27 Jul 2018 by xii5ku
hoarfrost wrote:
Hope, that top lines of Best 10 days by Granted Credit will be overwritten!

The first 24 hours of the sprint are now over. Altogether, the teams which are tracked by the Formula BOINC site received 16,233,075 credits in total so far.*

I don't know at which points in time updates, but yes, I expect that each day of this sprint is going to make it into boincstat's list of top ten days by granted credit.

*) There is a system of three leagues in Formula BOINC. In league 1, there are 23 teams with non-zero credits so far, who made 8,992,281 together. League 2 has 11 teams with credit >0, who made 7,098,454 credits in total. There are 4 teams with credit in league 3 with 142,340 credits total.

Current top 3 in league 1: TeAm AnandTech, SETI.USA (closing in fast),
Current top 3 in league 2: XtremeSystems, [H]ard|OCP, Crunching@EVGA.
Current top 3 in league 3: LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic, Anguillan Pirates, BOINC.BE.

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