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Posted 30 Aug 2020 by 10esseeTony
I have the private conversation we had pulled up in a different tab. I would love to show what really transpired, but, well, it was a private conversation after all. Perhaps a redacted version, along with some paraphrase, would not be out of place?

10esseetony: May 6, 2019
The BOINC Pentathlon is in full swing. Some of us from multiple teams (4 teams listed, but now redacted) were thinking of joining up with [H]ardForums in the project Einstein, to try and topple the triple Giant of SETI.USA/eXtremeSystems/The.Scottish.BOINC.Team. (In just this one event) We can't let them beat everyone at EVERYthing.

If interested you have almost 4 days to bunker, then it runs from : Start: 11 May 2019 00:00 UTC End: 16 May 2019 00:00 UTC

Again, your dedication to the Citizen Science model is greatly appreciated no matter your choice!


Gold Member replied: The only thing that would make me want to join more is if [team name redacted] were the opponents.

10esseetony: May 10, 2019
Today is the day to switch Einstein teams to [H]ard|OCP in hopes of toppling the SUSA dominance. Literally made my stomach turn to change teams, lol. A lot of our smaller player will be staying behind to make sure AnandTech does not fall off the podium completely.

Gold Member replied: I'm so confused, hold the line.

And now, we get the Gold finger?
2) Message boards : News : Formula BOINC RakeSearch GP race report and medal ceremony (Message 539)
Posted 5 Aug 2018 by 10esseeTony
Thank you for the report, and the badges! :)

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