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Posted 30 Jul 2022 by Profile DoctorNow

Since the app Generalized symmetries in parastrophic slices for DLS of order 10 v1.00
runs on my computers (an AMD FX 8350 with Win 7 and an Intel i7 11700K with Win 11) both systems show strange behaviours since the wu length went down to a few seconds.
While the Win 11 system only takes half a day to let the symptoms take affect, on the Win 7 machine it takes over one/two days, probably due to the core difference.
What happens is, that I first cannot open other, normal programs like Excel/Word etc. and also games are not starting anymore.
By opening programs the strangest errors appear like "fatal error: failed to create window" or other ones, regarding memory etc.
Also the explorer on both systems is going crazy and doesn't let me open the task manager or other system apps sometimes.
Mostly only a restart of the machines is solving that, but of course it happens again after a while when the app is still running on BOINC.
So yesterday I stopped it and - of course - all things are back to normal.
Not sure what problem the app really has, but my assumption is either this is caused by bad memory allocation of the app or bad coding.
I want to point out again that it seems to be only the case when the wu length is very short, as long as it was higher there wasn't a problem with it yet...

Since no one else posted this yet it can be that I'm the only one affected, but because this is happening on two machines independently of each other more people might follow.
I hope you can look at that and make a fix, meanwhile I have to stop crunching the app.

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