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Message 1265 - Posted: 2 Apr 2020, 9:14:11 UTC
Last modified: 2 Apr 2020, 10:37:37 UTC

Dear folks!

Time for the totals of the past month! For 94638 workunits canonical results were computed and percentage of search completion has significantly advanced (62.988% at now). In the second half of March computers many participants found pairs with degree of orthogonality >= 86 and we congratulate them:

[AF>Amis des Lapins] Phil1966 (L'Alliance Francophone) and pi,
[AF>Amis des Lapins] chapam (L'Alliance Francophone) and TL,
KWSN-SpongeBob SquarePants (The Knights Who Say Ni!) and rz,
Byron Leigh Hatch @ team Carl Sagan (Carl Sagan) and d7s,
[AF>Libristes]cguillem (L'Alliance Francophone) and brm,
Brian Minear (University of Colorado, Boulder) and serg,
Международная база наблюдений комет (Karelia) and john,
Karelian Center for Gender Studies (Karelia) and 回忆过去,
blaircart (Sorry for Grand Ol' Partying) and Axiy,
Technik007[CZ] (Czech National Team) and KySU,
Egon olsen ( Team) and tomo1,
Martin Skoda (Czech National Team) and kt kt,
LeChat51X (L'Alliance Francophone) and tholm,
Thyler Durden@P3D (Planet 3DNow!) and Moose,
Exnihilo Curatio (Crunching@EVGA) and Geoff,
EarlyBird@Zircons (BOINC@Taiwan) and Dakkar,
Roberto (L'Alliance Francophone) and yippee,
owensse (The Planetary Society) and Heikki,
joe carnivore ( and Xawery,
Johannes Elsner (Planet 3DNow!) and arkiss,
Patrick Schmeer (SETI.Germany) and Achtung,
Птицы Петрозаводска (Karelia) and WilyFox, (Karelia) and gramsey,
Frank [RKN] ( and * Red *,
boceli (Czech National Team) and mcf2020,
ShmyaCluster (Crystal Dream) and Delgamj,
Shaman (Czech National Team) and Phoenix,
polarbeardj (Crunching@EVGA) and Mr. Man,
SystemViper (XtremeSystems) and gardvor,
Ralfy (BOINC Confederation) and Westias,
WyerByter (Stephenson Clan) and tim1988b,
[B@P] Daniel (BOINC@Poland) and Frodoger,
Astronomy.Karelia (Karelia) and DRandolph,
Cédric Périgault (HydroLAB) and mike765321,
Apostol Romanoff-Apostolov and Timofey123,
BritishBob ( and tihonov.aa,
ReaDy (Astronomy.Ru Forum) and cjc_in_484,
GALAX-ZERO (Planet 3DNow!) and Seeker3000,
HK-Steve (Crunching@EVGA) and Mark Sechin,
Roadranner (SETI.Germany) and nickmcummins,
DeleteNull (SETI.Germany) and G. C. Greubel,
freestman (Chinese Dream) and AKolesnichenko,
LCB001 (Hardware Canucks) and Nora-and-Daddy,
Dacicus Geometricus (USA) and Russell L Wright,
KPX (Czech National Team) and raddoc (Gridcoin),
PrimeRib (SETIKAH@KOREA) and troosh (Gridcoin),
glennpat (XtremeSystems) and JohanL (BOINC.BE),
Damic (Dutch Power Cows) and FourOh (SETI.USA),
muzzdiez (SETIKAH@KOREA) and kekkonen (Karelia),
Thomas ( and NeoGen (AMD Users),
terry mora (The Geezers) and Oleg (Russia Team),
whizbang (Ars Technica) and fix (Crystal Dream),
zzuupp (TeAm AnandTech) and KR Center (Karelia),
Spritex (BOINC@Denmark) and artemis8 (SETI.USA),
Kodeks IT (TSC! Russia) and conf [MM] (SETI.USA),
427jmf (Crunching@EVGA) and axels (SETI.Germany),
shirawa@meow (Team 2ch) and morgan (Team Norway),
genseed (Crystal Dream) and Derivator (Gridcoin),
Chipotle (Ars Technica) and JonS (UK BOINC Team),
kim-b-h (BOINC@Denmark) and genek (BOINC@Poland),
amargo133 (CANAL@Boinc) and urban09 (Russia Team),
sergamena (Russia Team) and citerra (Russia Team),
GLeeM (TeAm AnandTech) and jozef j (Russia Team),
BOINC.RU (Russia Team) and Jason.He (Team China),
JagDoc (Planet 3DNow!) and Soderstromm (Gridcoin),
blitzzkreeg (Gridcoin) and Trippa (SETIKAH@KOREA),
oaristov (Russia Team) and CoolAtchOk (Russia Team).
AlexxSaigon, Natalia (Karelia) and hoarfrost (Crystal Dream).

March search statistics:
Degree 81: 3820540
Degree 82: 893409
Degree 83: 189929
Degree 84: 36148
Degree 85: 6506
Degree 86: 1134
Degree 87: 212
Degree 88: 14
Degree 89: 0
Degree 100: 0

And overall search statistics:
Degree 81: 24962698
Degree 82: 5870176
Degree 83: 1242932
Degree 84: 236599
Degree 85: 39928
Degree 86: 6450
Degree 87: 876
Degree 88: 110
Degree 89: 7
Degree 90: 2
Degree 91: 0
Degree 92: 0
Degree 93: 0
Degree 94: 0
Degree 95: 0
Degree 96: 0
Degree 97: 0
Degree 98: 0
Degree 99: 0
Degree 100: 0

Thank you for your project participation!
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Message boards : News : March 2020 totals

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