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Message 1254 - Posted: 15 Feb 2020, 15:48:11 UTC

Dear folks!

During winter, marinated chanterelle is a delicacy in Karelia. These orange aromatic mushrooms grow in families (or constellations?) in our forests. In Russian, their name sounds like “foxy” due to their color that gave names to both mushrooms and animals. Chanterelle - the badge of this month! Computers of 127 participants found pairs with a high degree of orthogonality in the last two weeks and we congratulate them:

rz and [AF>Amis des Lapins] Phil1966 (L'Alliance Francophone),
KVV and [AF>Amis des Lapins] Ceclo (L'Alliance Francophone),
KySU and [AF>Kirass>MPF] Nafrayou (L'Alliance Francophone),
john and [AF>Libristes]MortelKni (L'Alliance Francophone),
kt kt and Byron Leigh Hatch @ team Carl Sagan (Carl Sagan),
Wojtek and [AF>Libristes]cguillem (L'Alliance Francophone),
Maroly and [AF>EDLS] Jakez Sulli (L'Alliance Francophone),
Nivomi and Международная база наблюдений комет (Karelia),
arkiss and Haddington @ team Carl Sagan (Carl Sagan),
Pyrite and Michael H.W. Weber (,
kronos and Technik007[CZ] (Czech National Team),
Dakkar and zelandonii (L'Alliance Francophone),
Leonmer and Egon olsen ( Team),
jaibenz and Steve Dodd (The Planetary Society),
Phoenix and Duce H_K_ (L'Alliance Francophone),
Millenium and LeChat51X (L'Alliance Francophone),
DRandolph and Exnihilo Curatio (Crunching@EVGA),
tihonov.aa and Rhodan71 (L'Alliance Francophone),
koronabora and Stephen Uitti (Project Blue Book),
cjc_in_484 and EarlyBird@Zircons (BOINC@Taiwan),
Mark Sechin and Roberto (L'Alliance Francophone),
ArgentSmith and Donn Pike (USAF Ret) (Gridcoin),
GreyWanderer and Johannes Elsner (Planet 3DNow!),
Jeffrey (USA) and joe carnivore (,
AKolesnichenko and Patrick Schmeer (SETI.Germany),
Nicholas (USA) and Jerzy_Przytocki (BOINC@Poland),
TheKillerChicken and Wabi CZ (Czech National Team),
FourOh (SETI.USA) and ShmyaCluster (Crystal Dream),
ale4316 (Ukraine) and Shaman (Czech National Team),
JohanL (BOINC.BE) and boceli (Czech National Team),
Oleg (Russia Team) and Orange Kid (TeAm AnandTech),
kekkonen (Karelia) and [SG]ATA-Rolf (SETI.Germany),
Fred Doernbach III and Fardringle (TeAm AnandTech),
NeoGen (AMD Users) and Ralfy (BOINC Confederation),
PheidologetonProton and robbysites (Crunching@EVGA),
Werinbert (Free-DC) and WyerByter (Stephenson Clan),
ber7 (SETI.Germany) and Lee Hee Lak (SETIKAH@KOREA),
genek (BOINC@Poland) and [B@P] Daniel (BOINC@Poland),
JonS (UK BOINC Team) and Apostol Romanoff-Apostolov,
Derivator (Gridcoin) and JLSchro* (Sicituradastra.),
meadoel (BOINCstats) and MechWarrior (Ars Technica),
jozef j (Russia Team) and ReaDy (Astronomy.Ru Forum),
lydy1993 (Team China) and HK-Steve (Crunching@EVGA),
Gaucho (SETI.Germany) and LCB001 (Hardware Canucks),
Dr. Berthold Schaefer and Diffident (,
Dante (Crystal Dream) and [H]auntjemima ([H]ardOCP),
JagDoc (Planet 3DNow!) and [SG]steini (SETI.Germany),
RFGuy_KCCO ([H]ardOCP) and hase (SETI-team-hannover),
BOINC.RU (Russia Team) and Roadranner (SETI.Germany),
GLeeM (TeAm AnandTech) and Nikita Yang (Team China),
whizbang (Ars Technica) and declis (,
zzuupp (TeAm AnandTech) and terry mora (The Geezers),
Spritex (BOINC@Denmark) and Paulteo (Crunching@EVGA),
Tex1954 ( and vanos0512 (BOINC@Taiwan),
shirawa@meow (Team 2ch) and nabializm (BOINC@Poland),
ssjy806 (SETIKAH@KOREA) and CoolAtchOk (Russia Team),
genseed (Crystal Dream) and muzzdiez (SETIKAH@KOREA),
herby44 (Planet 3DNow!) and Bulgakoff* (Russia Team),
kim-b-h (BOINC@Denmark) and PrimeRib (SETIKAH@KOREA),
Woodles (UK BOINC Team) and glennpat (XtremeSystems),
LordNicky (Russia Team) and sergamena (Russia Team),
Soderstromm (Gridcoin) and matsu_pl (BOINC@Poland),
Tomaseq (Czech National Team), Natalia (Karelia) and hoarfrost (Crystal Dream).

And, as usual, statistics of the first half of the month:
Degree 81: 1710172
Degree 82: 392557
Degree 83: 81108
Degree 84: 14986
Degree 85: 2476
Degree 86: 396
Degree 87: 49
Degree 88: 2
Degree 89: 0
Degree 100: 0

Thank you for participation and attention to the project!
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Message boards : News : Results of the first half of the February 2020!

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