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Message 775 - Posted: 17 Feb 2019, 19:30:34 UTC

Dear participants!

Last days of the year 2018 and the beginnings of the year 2019 many people will be remembered as the time of Ultima Thule flyby by New Horizons! Waiting for the flyby, first images, detailed images, press-conferences, and recently published unexpected findings - made these weeks especially interesting. These days we first saw the data of post-processing a large bunch of project results. Some figures gave to us an idea name this set as "Flyby graphs" (guess - what figures?). Now we publish the first part of these types of graphs!

[R9_000518000_01] - 96 vertices and 318 edges.

[R9_000518750_03] - 14 vertices and 17 edges.

[R9_000524388_02] - 72 vertices and 258 edges.

[R9_000528558_01] - 128 vertices and 844 edges.

[R9_000540174_01] - 12 vertices and 22 edges.

[R9_000541458_01] - 38 vertices and 96 edges.

[R9_000541458_02] - 60 vertices and 174 edges.

Thank you for attention to the project and participation! Happy crunching!
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Message boards : News : Flyby graphs. Part 1

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