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The enormous size of the diagonal Latin squares space makes it unfeasible to enumerate all its objects straightforwardly in reasonable time. So, in order to discover the structure of this space, sophisticated search methods are needed. In RakeSearch project, we implement an application that picks up separate pairs of mutually orthogonal DLSs, which allows to reconstruct full graphs of their orthogonality. You can contribute to our research by running a free program on your computer.

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Results of the first half of the March 2020!
Dear participants!

Two weeks of March have passed and forests, meadows, towns, and parks filled with birds chirping! Feather - the symbol of this months! And we congratulate 121 participants, whose computers found pairs with a degree of orthogonality >= 86:

[AF>France>TDM>Picardie>Oise] docmic92 (L'Alliance Francophone) and rz,
[AF>Amis des Lapins] Ceclo (L'Alliance Francophone) and Dima,
[AF>Kirass>MPF] Nafrayou (L'Alliance Francophone) and john,
Byron Leigh Hatch @ team Carl Sagan (Carl Sagan) and KySU,
[AF>Libristes]MortelKni (L'Alliance Francophone) and adams,
[AF>Amis de la mer]_JFC (L'Alliance Francophone) and ladmo,
[AF>Libristes]cguillem (L'Alliance Francophone) and kt kt,
Brian Minear (University of Colorado, Boulder) and user1,
Международная база наблюдений комет (Karelia) and kraDen,
Karelian Center for Gender Studies (Karelia) and arkiss,
blaircart (Sorry for Grand Ol' Partying) and rebel9,
Johnbodlis team (Czech National Team) and Wojtek,
Technik007[CZ] (Czech National Team) and Phoenix,
Michael H.W. Weber (Rechenkraft.net) and Westias,
Egon olsen (Meisterkuehler.de Team) and zgf2022,
zelandonii (L'Alliance Francophone) and Achtung,
ejeancolas (L'Alliance Francophone) and Leonmer,
Steve Dodd (The Planetary Society) and mcf2020,
Thyler Durden@P3D (Planet 3DNow!) and FTalento,
Rhodan71 (L'Alliance Francophone) and Solo Man,
Stephen Uitti (Project Blue Book) and Sebastian,
Roberto (L'Alliance Francophone) and dadocad72,
owensse (The Planetary Society) and koronabora,
joe carnivore (Rechenkraft.net) and eric hoskam,
Patrick Schmeer (SETI.Germany) and bakerdude39,
AlexA[boinc.ru] (Russia Team) and G. C. Greubel,
Птицы Петрозаводска (Karelia) and User (Karelia),
Wabi CZ (Czech National Team) and AKolesnichenko,
Tomaseq (Czech National Team) and Bok (SETI.USA),
boceli (Czech National Team) and ABC (Team China),
Shaman (Czech National Team) and troosh (Gridcoin),
polarbeardj (Crunching@EVGA) and raddoc (Gridcoin),
ShmyaCluster (Crystal Dream) and JohanL (BOINC.BE),
[B@P] Daniel (BOINC@Poland) and FourOh (SETI.USA),
Ralfy (BOINC Confederation) and fix (Crystal Dream),
SystemViper (XtremeSystems) and ИСУ ПБиОТ (Karelia),
respawner (Rechenkraft.net) and KR Center (Karelia),
Astronomy.Karelia (Karelia) and artemis8 (SETI.USA),
robbysites (Crunching@EVGA) and Werinbert (Free-DC),
Lee Hee Lak (SETIKAH@KOREA) and Derivator (Gridcoin),
Apostol Romanoff-Apostolov and axels (SETI.Germany),
Tom Poleski (BOINC@Poland) and genek (BOINC@Poland),
MechWarrior (Ars Technica) and JonS (UK BOINC Team),
Sabroe_SMC (Planet 3DNow!) and necavi (BOINC@Poland),
hoarfrost (Crystal Dream) and jozef j (Russia Team),
[SG]steini (SETI.Germany) and blitzzkreeg (Gridcoin),
Roadranner (SETI.Germany) and RFGuy_KCCO ([H]ardOCP),
Vincent Dark (Team China) and Soderstromm (Gridcoin),
HK-Steve (Crunching@EVGA) and JagDoc (Planet 3DNow!),
DeleteNull (SETI.Germany) and BOINC.RU (Russia Team),
LCB001 (Hardware Canucks) and LordNicky (Russia Team),
hase (SETI-team-hannover) and Shmya-2 (Crystal Dream),
bluestang (XtremeSystems) and Dingo (BOINC@AUSTRALIA),
Stefan1 (Rechenkraft.net) and genseed (Crystal Dream),
glennpat (XtremeSystems) and Kromflame (BOINC.Italy),
muzzdiez (SETIKAH@KOREA) and Tex1954 (Overclock.net),
PrimeRib (SETIKAH@KOREA) and sergamena (Russia Team),
Nikita Yang (Team China) and Kodeks IT (TSC! Russia),
Apoctena (SETIKAH@KOREA) and shirawa@meow (Team 2ch),
nabializm (BOINC@Poland) and Spritex (BOINC@Denmark),
whizbang (Ars Technica).

As usual, statistics of the first half of the month:
March 2020 P1:
Degree 81: 1746348
Degree 82: 402612
Degree 83: 84107
Degree 84: 15550
Degree 85: 2691
Degree 86: 458
Degree 87: 75
Degree 88: 4
Degree 89: 0
Degree 100: 0

Thank you for donation of CPU time and attention to the project!
15 Mar 2020, 21:07:29 UTC · Discuss

Februrary 2020 totals
Dear folks!

Winter is over! We are summing up the results of February and meet the spring! 89180 workunits were completed during the month ended and in the second half of the month computers of 123 participants returned the results with pairs of a high degree of orthogonality. We congratulate them:

[AF>Amis des Lapins] Phil1966 (L'Alliance Francophone) and TL,
KWSN-SpongeBob SquarePants (The Knights Who Say Ni!) and rz,
[AF>Kirass>MPF] Nafrayou (L'Alliance Francophone) and BB,
[AF>Libristes]MortelKni (L'Alliance Francophone) and krc,
[AF>Libristes]cguillem (L'Alliance Francophone) and KySU,
Karelian Center for Gender Studies (Karelia) and Dima,
[AF] Skinny06 (L'Alliance Francophone) and Mite,
Johnbodlis team (Czech National Team) and john,
[AF>EDLS]zOU (L'Alliance Francophone) and user1,
Technik007[CZ] (Czech National Team) and clete,
Michael H.W. Weber (Rechenkraft.net) and kt kt,
zelandonii (L'Alliance Francophone) and Mazay,
Egon olsen (Meisterkuehler.de Team) and Dakkar,
LeChat51X (L'Alliance Francophone) and Heikki,
Duce H_K_ (L'Alliance Francophone) and arkiss,
Thyler Durden@P3D (Planet 3DNow!) and Wojtek,
Stephen Uitti (Project Blue Book) and kraDen,
Roberto (L'Alliance Francophone) and Leonmer,
Donn Pike (USAF Ret) (Gridcoin) and zgf2022,
Johannes Elsner (Planet 3DNow!) and Sebastian,
joe carnivore (Rechenkraft.net) and DRandolph,
owensse (The Planetary Society) and rbloecker,
BlisteringSheep (Ars Technica) and tihonov.aa,
Frank [RKN] (Rechenkraft.net) and koronabora,
http://vk.com/boinc (Karelia) and Drumheller,
Птицы Петрозаводска (Karelia) and ArgentSmith,
boceli (Czech National Team) and Mark Sechin,
fax (Meisterkuehler.de Team) and 1 (Gridcoin),
Shaman (Czech National Team) and G. C. Greubel,
ShmyaCluster (Crystal Dream) and ale4316 (Ukraine),
Tae Hyun Kim (SETIKAH@KOREA) and JohanL (BOINC.BE),
[B@P] Daniel (BOINC@Poland) and raddoc (Gridcoin),
Ralfy (BOINC Confederation) and FourOh (SETI.USA),
Astronomy.Karelia (Karelia) and NeoGen (AMD Users),
MechWarrior (Ars Technica) and Oleg (Russia Team),
Sabroe_SMC (Planet 3DNow!) and Herbert (Gridcoin),
Apostol Romanoff-Apostolov and AGG (Crystal Dream),
ssjy806 (SETIKAH@KOREA) and fix (Crystal Dream),
Sengieffe (UK BOINC Team) and BirdIV (Russia Team),
Roadranner (SETI.Germany) and purplecfh (SETI.USA),
LCB001 (Hardware Canucks) and JonS (UK BOINC Team),
ChelseaOilman ([H]ardOCP) and genek (BOINC@Poland),
Vincent Dark (Team China) and Derivator (Gridcoin),
[SG]steini (SETI.Germany) and citerra (Russia Team),
DeleteNull (SETI.Germany) and V0d01ey (TSC! Russia),
hase (SETI-team-hannover) and Dante (Crystal Dream),
freestman (Chinese Dream) and jozef j (Russia Team),
Bunteck (BOINC@AUSTRALIA) and blitzzkreeg (Gridcoin),
Stefan1 (Rechenkraft.net) and fractal (Ars Technica),
PrimeRib (SETIKAH@KOREA) and GLeeM (TeAm AnandTech),
glennpat (XtremeSystems) and Soderstromm (Gridcoin),
muzzdiez (SETIKAH@KOREA) and RFGuy_KCCO ([H]ardOCP),
Bulgakoff* (Russia Team) and BOINC.RU (Russia Team),
Apoctena (SETIKAH@KOREA) and JagDoc (Planet 3DNow!),
nabializm (BOINC@Poland) and kim-b-h (BOINC@Denmark),
CoolAtchOk (Russia Team) and 427jmf (Crunching@EVGA),
whizbang (Ars Technica) and Shmya-2 (Crystal Dream),
LordNicky (Russia Team) and genseed (Crystal Dream),
Spritex (BOINC@Denmark) and sergamena (Russia Team),
Kodeks IT (TSC! Russia) and Hoshione (SETI.Germany),
Tex1954 (Overclock.net) and zzuupp (TeAm AnandTech),
hoarfrost (Crystal Dream).

Statistics of the February 2020 findings:
Degree 81: 3474261
Degree 82: 797546
Degree 83: 165605
Degree 84: 30695
Degree 85: 4913
Degree 86: 794
Degree 87: 107
Degree 88: 3
Degree 89: 0
Degree 100: 0

Overall search statistics:
Degree 81: 21142158
Degree 82: 4976767
Degree 83: 1053003
Degree 84: 200451
Degree 85: 33422
Degree 86: 5316
Degree 87: 664
Degree 88: 96
Degree 89: 7
Degree 90: 2
Degree 91: 0
Degree 92: 0
Degree 93: 0
Degree 94: 0
Degree 95: 0
Degree 96: 0
Degree 97: 0
Degree 98: 0
Degree 99: 0
Degree 100: 0

Thank you for attention to the project and participation!
1 Mar 2020, 11:05:22 UTC · Discuss

Results of the first half of the February 2020!
Dear folks!

During winter, marinated chanterelle is a delicacy in Karelia. These orange aromatic mushrooms grow in families (or constellations?) in our forests. In Russian, their name sounds like “foxy” due to their color that gave names to both mushrooms and animals. Chanterelle - the badge of this month! Computers of 127 participants found pairs with a high degree of orthogonality in the last two weeks and we congratulate them:

rz and [AF>Amis des Lapins] Phil1966 (L'Alliance Francophone),
KVV and [AF>Amis des Lapins] Ceclo (L'Alliance Francophone),
KySU and [AF>Kirass>MPF] Nafrayou (L'Alliance Francophone),
john and [AF>Libristes]MortelKni (L'Alliance Francophone),
kt kt and Byron Leigh Hatch @ team Carl Sagan (Carl Sagan),
Wojtek and [AF>Libristes]cguillem (L'Alliance Francophone),
Maroly and [AF>EDLS] Jakez Sulli (L'Alliance Francophone),
Nivomi and Международная база наблюдений комет (Karelia),
arkiss and Haddington @ team Carl Sagan (Carl Sagan),
Pyrite and Michael H.W. Weber (Rechenkraft.net),
kronos and Technik007[CZ] (Czech National Team),
Dakkar and zelandonii (L'Alliance Francophone),
Leonmer and Egon olsen (Meisterkuehler.de Team),
jaibenz and Steve Dodd (The Planetary Society),
Phoenix and Duce H_K_ (L'Alliance Francophone),
Millenium and LeChat51X (L'Alliance Francophone),
DRandolph and Exnihilo Curatio (Crunching@EVGA),
tihonov.aa and Rhodan71 (L'Alliance Francophone),
koronabora and Stephen Uitti (Project Blue Book),
cjc_in_484 and EarlyBird@Zircons (BOINC@Taiwan),
Mark Sechin and Roberto (L'Alliance Francophone),
ArgentSmith and Donn Pike (USAF Ret) (Gridcoin),
GreyWanderer and Johannes Elsner (Planet 3DNow!),
Jeffrey (USA) and joe carnivore (Rechenkraft.net),
AKolesnichenko and Patrick Schmeer (SETI.Germany),
Nicholas (USA) and Jerzy_Przytocki (BOINC@Poland),
TheKillerChicken and Wabi CZ (Czech National Team),
FourOh (SETI.USA) and ShmyaCluster (Crystal Dream),
ale4316 (Ukraine) and Shaman (Czech National Team),
JohanL (BOINC.BE) and boceli (Czech National Team),
Oleg (Russia Team) and Orange Kid (TeAm AnandTech),
kekkonen (Karelia) and [SG]ATA-Rolf (SETI.Germany),
Fred Doernbach III and Fardringle (TeAm AnandTech),
NeoGen (AMD Users) and Ralfy (BOINC Confederation),
PheidologetonProton and robbysites (Crunching@EVGA),
Werinbert (Free-DC) and WyerByter (Stephenson Clan),
ber7 (SETI.Germany) and Lee Hee Lak (SETIKAH@KOREA),
genek (BOINC@Poland) and [B@P] Daniel (BOINC@Poland),
JonS (UK BOINC Team) and Apostol Romanoff-Apostolov,
Derivator (Gridcoin) and JLSchro* (Sicituradastra.),
meadoel (BOINCstats) and MechWarrior (Ars Technica),
jozef j (Russia Team) and ReaDy (Astronomy.Ru Forum),
lydy1993 (Team China) and HK-Steve (Crunching@EVGA),
Gaucho (SETI.Germany) and LCB001 (Hardware Canucks),
Dr. Berthold Schaefer and Diffident (Overclock.net),
Dante (Crystal Dream) and [H]auntjemima ([H]ardOCP),
JagDoc (Planet 3DNow!) and [SG]steini (SETI.Germany),
RFGuy_KCCO ([H]ardOCP) and hase (SETI-team-hannover),
BOINC.RU (Russia Team) and Roadranner (SETI.Germany),
GLeeM (TeAm AnandTech) and Nikita Yang (Team China),
whizbang (Ars Technica) and declis (Rechenkraft.net),
zzuupp (TeAm AnandTech) and terry mora (The Geezers),
Spritex (BOINC@Denmark) and Paulteo (Crunching@EVGA),
Tex1954 (Overclock.net) and vanos0512 (BOINC@Taiwan),
shirawa@meow (Team 2ch) and nabializm (BOINC@Poland),
ssjy806 (SETIKAH@KOREA) and CoolAtchOk (Russia Team),
genseed (Crystal Dream) and muzzdiez (SETIKAH@KOREA),
herby44 (Planet 3DNow!) and Bulgakoff* (Russia Team),
kim-b-h (BOINC@Denmark) and PrimeRib (SETIKAH@KOREA),
Woodles (UK BOINC Team) and glennpat (XtremeSystems),
LordNicky (Russia Team) and sergamena (Russia Team),
Soderstromm (Gridcoin) and matsu_pl (BOINC@Poland),
Tomaseq (Czech National Team), Natalia (Karelia) and hoarfrost (Crystal Dream).

And, as usual, statistics of the first half of the month:
Degree 81: 1710172
Degree 82: 392557
Degree 83: 81108
Degree 84: 14986
Degree 85: 2476
Degree 86: 396
Degree 87: 49
Degree 88: 2
Degree 89: 0
Degree 100: 0

Thank you for participation and attention to the project!
15 Feb 2020, 15:48:11 UTC · Discuss

January 2020 totals
Dear participants!

During this month 92620 workunits got a canonical result! No pairs with degree 89 or higher were found, but statistics by fewer degrees became stronger. Computers of 134 participants find pairs with degree >= 86 during the second half of the month and we congratulate the following crunchers:
rz and [AF>Amis des Lapins] Phil1966 (L'Alliance Francophone),
TL and KWSN-SpongeBob SquarePants (The Knights Who Say Ni!),
bru and [AF>Amis des Lapins] Ceclo (L'Alliance Francophone),
igos and [AF>Kirass>MPF] Nafrayou (L'Alliance Francophone),
KySU and [AF>Libristes]MortelKni (L'Alliance Francophone),
john and [AF>Libristes]cguillem (L'Alliance Francophone),
ASUS and Haddington @ team Carl Sagan (Carl Sagan),
tholm and scole of TSBT (The Scottish Boinc Team),
Klyon and Michael H.W. Weber (Rechenkraft.net),
Chuck and Technik007[CZ] (Czech National Team),
arkiss and Egon olsen (Meisterkuehler.de Team),
Pyrite and Duce H_K_ (L'Alliance Francophone),
Heikki and Steve Dodd (The Planetary Society),
Hamoun and Stephen Uitti (Project Blue Book),
Wojtek and Dmitriy Otroschenko (Russia Team),
Artyom and Rhodan71 (L'Alliance Francophone),
Achtung and Roberto (L'Alliance Francophone),
mcf2020 and EarlyBird@Zircons (BOINC@Taiwan),
gardvor and UBT - Mikeejones (UK BOINC Team),
nfo432pi and Michael Berger (Rechenkraft.net),
Nikita507 and owensse (The Planetary Society),
koronabora and joe carnivore (Rechenkraft.net),
ArgentSmith and Patrick Schmeer (SETI.Germany),
Mark Sechin and Frank [RKN] (Rechenkraft.net),
G. C. Greubel and AussieGeoff (BOINC@AUSTRALIA),
AKolesnichenko and fax (Meisterkuehler.de Team),
User (Karelia) and Tae Hyun Kim (SETIKAH@KOREA),
Vitalii Koshura and killik (Czech National Team),
Laurent Cheylat and Shaman (Czech National Team),
FourOh (SETI.USA) and boceli (Czech National Team),
JohanL (BOINC.BE) and ShmyaCluster (Crystal Dream),
NeoGen (AMD Users) and respawner (Rechenkraft.net),
Vova (Russia Team) and [SG]ATA-Rolf (SETI.Germany),
Oleg (Russia Team) and Ralfy (BOINC Confederation),
Werinbert (Free-DC) and Fardringle (TeAm AnandTech),
Dante (TSC! Russia) and [B@P] Daniel (BOINC@Poland),
fix (Crystal Dream) and robbysites (Crunching@EVGA),
Francis Butts (USA) and Boogyman Munster (US NAVY),
Derivator (Gridcoin) and ReaDy (Astronomy.Ru Forum),
axels (SETI.Germany) and JLSchro* (Sicituradastra.),
JonS (UK BOINC Team) and MechWarrior (Ars Technica),
genek (BOINC@Poland) and bcavnaugh (Crunching@EVGA),
William Lathan (USA) and Bunteck (BOINC@AUSTRALIA),
jozef j (Russia Team) and LCB001 (Hardware Canucks),
lydy1993 (Team China) and Sengieffe (UK BOINC Team),
citerra (Russia Team) and ChelseaOilman ([H]ardOCP),
Dr. Berthold Schaefer and Vincent Dark (Team China),
BOINC.RU (Russia Team) and KPX (Czech National Team),
RFGuy_KCCO ([H]ardOCP) and HK-Steve (Crunching@EVGA),
Soderstromm (Gridcoin) and Diffident (Overclock.net),
emoga (TeAm AnandTech) and freestman (Chinese Dream),
GLeeM (TeAm AnandTech) and [SG]steini (SETI.Germany),
infecticide (Gridcoin) and [H]auntjemima ([H]ardOCP),
JagDoc (Planet 3DNow!) and hase (SETI-team-hannover),
whizbang (Ars Technica) and Stefan1 (Rechenkraft.net),
Spritex (BOINC@Denmark) and Roadranner (SETI.Germany),
ssjy806 (SETIKAH@KOREA) and hoarfrost (Crystal Dream),
herby44 (Planet 3DNow!) and Landjunge (Planet 3DNow!),
MontanaMax (Team China) and terry mora (The Geezers),
sergamena (Russia Team) and muzzdiez (SETIKAH@KOREA),
Shmya-2 (Crystal Dream) and Bulgakoff* (Russia Team),
LordNicky (Russia Team) and CoolAtchOk (Russia Team),
Woodles (UK BOINC Team) and nabializm (BOINC@Poland),
Opolis (Crunching@EVGA) and PrimeRib (SETIKAH@KOREA),
427jmf (Crunching@EVGA) and Li Yishuai (Team China),
Kromflame (BOINC.Italy) and Chipotle (Ars Technica),
marmuglia (BOINC.Italy) and matsu_pl (BOINC@Poland).

And of course, search statistics!
Statistics of January 2020 findings:
Degree 81: 3773210
Degree 82: 881403
Degree 83: 185865
Degree 84: 35216
Degree 85: 6033
Degree 86: 979
Degree 87: 124
Degree 88: 20
Degree 89: 0
Degree 100: 0

And overall search statistics at now:
Degree 81: 17667897
Degree 82: 4179221
Degree 83: 887398
Degree 84: 169756
Degree 85: 28509
Degree 86: 4522
Degree 87: 557
Degree 88: 93
Degree 89: 7
Degree 90: 2
Degree 91: 0
Degree 100: 0

Thank you for the participants of the project for a donation of CPU time!
1 Feb 2020, 22:06:03 UTC · Discuss

Results of the first half of the January 2020!
Dear participants!

Very unusual half of winter with the air temperature between -5..+3 has passed. (But maybe a normal one if we review not last scores but last thousands of years!) The last weeks are not a time of snow, but a time of ice that formed at night from snow melted during the day. And crystals of ice from a nice photography became the basis of badge of this month! 131 participants received it and we congratulate them:

rz and [AF>Amis des Lapins] Phil1966 (L'Alliance Francophone),
KVV and KWSN-SpongeBob SquarePants (The Knights Who Say Ni!),
Mite and [AF>Amis des Lapins] Ceclo (L'Alliance Francophone),
KySU and [AF>Kirass>MPF] Nafrayou (L'Alliance Francophone),
Geoff and [AF>Libristes]MortelKni (L'Alliance Francophone),
Klyon and [AF>Libristes]cguillem (L'Alliance Francophone),
kt kt and [AF>EDLS] Jakez Sulli (L'Alliance Francophone),
arkiss and Международная база наблюдений комет (Karelia),
Heikki and Haddington @ team Carl Sagan (Carl Sagan),
Dakkar and blaircart (Sorry for Grand Ol' Partying),
raddoc and scole of TSBT (The Scottish Boinc Team),
Wojtek and Johnbodlis team (Czech National Team),
mcf2020 and Michael H.W. Weber (Rechenkraft.net),
zgf2022 and Technik007[CZ] (Czech National Team),
Leonmer and zelandonii (L'Alliance Francophone),
fstadin and Egon olsen (Meisterkuehler.de Team),
yuryInOz and LeChat51X (L'Alliance Francophone),
AudioElf and Aleksander Parkitny (BOINC@Poland),
DRandolph and Duce H_K_ (L'Alliance Francophone),
koronabora and Exnihilo Curatio (Crunching@EVGA),
Roger Merkl and Thyler Durden@P3D (Planet 3DNow!),
Mark Sechin and Stephen Uitti (Project Blue Book),
ArgentSmith and Dmitriy Otroschenko (Russia Team),
GreyWanderer and Rhodan71 (L'Alliance Francophone),
Bok (SETI.USA) and Thierry (L'Alliance Francophone),
AKolesnichenko and Matthias Lehmkuhl (SETI.Germany),
Laurent Cheylat and Deathlike (Czech National Team),
Morgan the Gold and Johannes Elsner (Planet 3DNow!),
Alexey Chuharev and joe carnivore (Rechenkraft.net),
FourOh (SETI.USA) and owensse (The Planetary Society),
JohanL (BOINC.BE) and Alez (The Scottish Boinc Team),
Oleg (Russia Team) and Wabi CZ (Czech National Team),
Vova (Russia Team) and pah (L'Alliance Francophone),
marsinph (BOINC.BE) and Shaman (Czech National Team),
vaughan (AMD Users) and boceli (Czech National Team),
Dante (TSC! Russia) and ShmyaCluster (Crystal Dream),
Werinbert (Free-DC) and killik (Czech National Team),
genek (BOINC@Poland) and Bigos2 (Czech National Team),
JonS (UK BOINC Team) and Fardringle (TeAm AnandTech),
axels (SETI.Germany) and [SG]ATA-Rolf (SETI.Germany),
m4gu5 (SETI.Germany) and stoneageman (XtremeSystems),
William Lathan (USA) and Ralfy (BOINC Confederation),
jozef j (Russia Team) and respawner (Rechenkraft.net),
Administrator {11320} and [B@P] Daniel (BOINC@Poland),
RFGuy_KCCO ([H]ardOCP) and bcavnaugh (Crunching@EVGA),
BOINC.RU (Russia Team) and ReaDy (Astronomy.Ru Forum),
JagDoc (Planet 3DNow!) and MechWarrior (Ars Technica),
matszpk (BOINC@Poland) and gemini8 (Rechenkraft.net),
blitzzkreeg (Gridcoin) and Diffident (Overclock.net),
Dan Sargent (SETI.USA) and Roadranner (SETI.Germany),
Soderstromm (Gridcoin) and ChelseaOilman ([H]ardOCP),
emoga (TeAm AnandTech) and Vincent Dark (Team China),
whizbang (Ars Technica) and Landjunge (Planet 3DNow!),
ssjy806 (SETIKAH@KOREA) and CoolAtchOk (Russia Team),
Shmya-2 (Crystal Dream) and freestman (Chinese Dream),
Woodles (UK BOINC Team) and [SG]steini (SETI.Germany),
Spritex (BOINC@Denmark) and LCB001 (Hardware Canucks),
Opolis (Crunching@EVGA) and [H]auntjemima ([H]ardOCP),
sergamena (Russia Team) and HK-Steve (Crunching@EVGA),
kashi (BOINC@AUSTRALIA) and hase (SETI-team-hannover),
LordNicky (Russia Team) and n2morrow (SETIKAH@KOREA),
MontanaMax (Team China) and Nikita Yang (Team China),
shirawa@meow (Team 2ch) and muzzdiez (SETIKAH@KOREA),
Dingo (BOINC@AUSTRALIA) and Bulgakoff* (Russia Team),
terry mora (The Geezers) and Paulteo (Crunching@EVGA),
hoarfrost (Crystal Dream).

And some statistics of findings of the first half of the month:
Degree 81: 1869903
Degree 82: 443971
Degree 83: 96092
Degree 84: 18744
Degree 85: 3242
Degree 86: 568
Degree 87: 70
Degree 88: 16
Degree 89: 0
Degree 100: 0

Thank you fro attention to the project and participation!
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