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Message 415 - Posted: 27 May 2018, 4:36:48 UTC
Last modified: 13 Jul 2018, 21:09:46 UTC

Dear participants!

On preliminary results page a new 5 types of graphs, discovered in RakeSearch project, were published.
[R9_000042319/01] - consist from 28 vertices and 79 edges and near to figure with radial symmetry.

[R9_000042871/02] - drafted by 68 vertices and 146 edges. A fish from seabed?

[R9_000043553/02] - crayfish from 28 vertices and 80 edges?

[R9_000043575/02] - looks like chrysanthemums on stems and this graph is significantly larger than previous in group - 132 vertices and 320 edges forms it!

[R9_000043575/03] - a relatively simple graph, only 14 vertices and 27 edges. Stops and routes of urban transport? :)

Of course, no any sense in this figures exists and "fishes, flowers and satellites" - just for fun (it's a weekend pictures!). And using another method of graphs layouting, we can get absolutely other visible form for it. But human mind, targeted on recognition of known objects in lines and spots - will see still some figure.

And we congratulate a Daniel from BOINC@Poland (or [B@P] Daniel) with the first place by total credit!
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